Sunny, Is a Love child, From the ship "Kkone" : Kkcantgetright and Bone apetit, The name sunny was named After the sun-rise font



Sunny Usually Wears, A yellow Hoodie, Orange Gloves, Red And Orange Sunglasses, His eyes also glow a faint yellow. He is Always Smiling, Like most skeletons do, His Bad time eye, is His left eye, Glowing Red, Orange and yellow (The colours of fire)


Being a Kkone love child, Sunny is a childish, He also Likes to mess with people, Like flirting with them etc. He is very energetic. Other than that, he is talented at Drawing, Dancing, and Singing.

He always care about his Parents, when someone ship KK or Bone with someone, he feels disgusted but decides to support it depends on what person do they get ship with. However, Consequences happen if you killed one of them.

He have a huge liking for Puns, Jokes, and Memes And Also Offensive Memes. He enjoys drawing or reading books alot, he likes reading Science, and History Fiction.