• Ironic, isn't it? Having to fight a best friend over something pity?

    It's quite funny, actually. How we're expected to do the same.

    How everyone else is expected to be the saint.

    To the the innocent one.

    But I guess...

    That's not always the case.

    But hey...

    I guess friends also come, and friends also go.

    Who knew that it would

    Be like this,


    But what I do know

    Is for those who wanted,

    Those who wanted to keep

    it all together.

    They are in silence,

    Refusing to discuss,

    Split between other minds.

    Not sure if the olden,



    and happy


    Will ever return to their

    damaged friendships.

    Yet; this one has made a

    single, and possibly

    accurate conclusion:

    The likelihood of us

    Ever returning to the

    Times we loved,

    And shed tears,

    And enjoyed ourselves,

    And we were all happy,


    is one in one million.

    ​-Put together by a depressed Max XD

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